Jordana Williams

Jordana Williams
Jordana Williams

Neighborhood: Astoria

JORDANA WILLIAMS is a theater director. Her latest project is THE PARTICULARS by Matthew MacKenzie at FringeNYC 2012. She most frequently directs plays by Mac Rogers, including SOVEREIGN, BLAST RADIUS, ADVANCE MAN, VIRAL (FringeNYC 2009 Outstanding Production of a Play, FringeNYC Encore Series, 2010 ITBA Oustanding Off-Off Broadway Show), HAIL SATAN (FringeNYC 2007), and three seaons with Vampire Cowboys’ episodic, genre-bending Saturday Night Saloon. Jordana has directed a number of strange and wonderful projects for such companies as Flux Theatre Ensemble, Boomerang Theatre Company, Piper McKenzie, GroundUP Productions, kef Productions, Impetuous Theater Group, The Brick Theater, The 24-Hour Plays and The One-Minute Play Festival. She is the lyricist of the musicals FLEET WEEK (Outstanding Musical- FringeNYC 2005), AIR GUITAR (FringeNYC 2006) and The First Annual St. Ignatius Chanukah Pageant (which she also directed), and a founding member of Gideon Productions.


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