2013-2014 Lineup

June 30, 2014 @7pm


By Kristine M. Reyes, Lisa Huberman, Tyler Rivenbark, Mariah MacCarthy, and Don Nguyen

Directed by: Kel Haney, Kristin MacCarthy Parker, Christopher Diercksen, Colette Robert, and Aimee Todoroff

is an evening of excerpts from five brand new plays by the Queens based writers group The Propulsion Lab.  Participating Queens based playwrights for this event are Lisa Huberman, Kristine M. Reyes, Tyler Rivenbark, Mariah MacCarthy, and Don Nguyen.  Click here for more information   Click here for reservations

Photo Jun 16, 4 37 26 PM


March 25, 2014 @7pm


By Mariah MacCarthy

Directed by: Jordana Williams

Mel loves Kerry’s son, who happens to be dead now. When Mel goes to stay with Kerry in her beautiful beach house, past and present loves collide. Can love emerge from grief? Or do broken people just break each other further?

 Click here for more information   Click here for reservations

Photo Feb 26, 1 45 19 AM

October 29, 2013 @7pm

By August Schulenberg

Directed by: Heather Cohn

Performed at the Carriage House at LIC BAR (45-58 Vernon Blvd, Queens, NY) 

Jon is a wildly successful author of horror fiction, called (to his dismay) the “Asian American Stephen King”. One dark and stormy night, Jon’s friend Daryn, who disappeared for a few years, comes knocking on his door. The Fields of Blue and Glow is a ghost story which tackles the themes of childhood, growing up, and the power of crossing over into something new.

Click here for reservations


June 24, 2013

An evening of excerpts from the Propulsion Lab plays

By Kari Bentley-Quinn, Jennifer Lane, Courtney Lauria, Mariah MacCarthy, Jane Miller, Don Nguyen, and August Schulenberg

Directed by Christopher Diercksen and David Chapman

Featuring Samantha Rosentrater, Shaun Fauntleroy, Natalie Kim, Katrina Day, Samantha Walsh, Stuart Luth, Gus Schulenburg, Jason Liebman, Alexandra O’Daly, Sol Marina Crespo, and Dave Shih.

Our seven members of the Propulsion lab writers group have been hard at work on their new plays and they’re excited to share some excerpts with you.


April 1, 2013


By Courtney Lauria

Directed by Tamara Fisch

In a brick house in Astoria, Queens, shadowed by the RFK bridge, a young woman is sorting her emotions. In jars. Literally. Claire’s phobias have gotten the best of her for long enough, and the way she is living doesn’t feel like living at all.  Bridges and Boundaries charts Claire’s quest to overcome her road blocks, and create a future she actually wants to feel.  This crafted tale explores love, trust, and issues that aren’t just water under the bridge.

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